The True Diary of Baby’s First Year: A mothering companion


In Charlie’s Diary she recounts those magical first days when she finally gain access to the best club in the world ‘Parenthood’…

Her diary is a humorous and honest account of her attempts to be that ever elusive ‘Yummy Mummy’ she keeps reading about. But with boobs that are so sore getting fully dressed isn’t really an option and no free time to visit a hairdressers she finds that ‘Scummy Mummy’ may be a more accurate description of herself!…

Join Charlie in her adventures in ‘Baby Land’ as she learns that with perseverance, love and support from her husband and those around her she has got what it takes to be the scrumiest yummiest mummy in town!


The True Diary of Baby’s First Year includes:

• Tips for regaining your figure, taking care of yourself and your baby.

• A weekly guide to your baby’s development.

• Fun things to do with your baby to help with the bonding process.

• Recommended products you will utilise again and again.

• Ideas for keeping your own baby journal, photo book and time tin.


One thing is for sure; from the day you give birth you will never have a bored moment again. Nowadays our TV set is more of a modern art installation than something we actually sit down to and watch. Cole is so entertaining and I would never have believed it if someone had told me a few years ago how content I could be happily gazing at him for hours on end, stroking his downy hair and holding his tiny hand in mine. Yes I most definitely have been bitten by the baby bug and I must warn you its highly infectious – Cole’s daddy, grandparents, aunts and uncles have all been affected in a similar way!’


‘Something different from other parenting books, an honest and thought provoking account which new parents can really feel a part of.  Makes you feel ok about the tricky bits and makes you really think about the magic and joy of a new baby.  A lovely, easy read to help understand what having a new baby is truly like, which leaves you smiling.’ Cuddledry

‘New and prospective mums will not be able to put this book down.  A week by week guide on being a new mum – by a new mum – priceless insights and information, and full of what you really need and want to know!’ Hamill Baby

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