The Toddler Files


Charlie continues to chart all the milestone moments her toddler makes from his 1st birthday to his first day at school.

It is a refreshing and insightful look into the life of her adorable toddler as he progresses from ‘crawling’ to ‘cruising’ to ‘walking’ and ‘talking’ with lots of fun along the way. Not to mention teething, weaning, sleeping and sleep deprivation with the occasional tantrum thrown in for good measure…

Charlie shares her thoughts in an honest and humorous way on what it’s really like living with a toddler who at times will only eat avocados and thinks that 9pm is a good time to go to bed!

Her book is packed with tips and useful advice that helped her and is a must-buy for anyone living with a toddler.

The Toddler Files include:

• Tips for fun things to make and do with your toddler.

• Advice about all the hot topics – sleeping, teething and weaning.

• Getting the perfect balance so both your own and your child’s needs are met.

• Helpful insights from other mums and dads.